Xavier Tu

Xavier Tu

Choreographer + Professional Dancer

Beyond his choreographic triumphs in cinematic ventures, television productions, and brand campaigns, Xavier Tu's mastery shone brightly in live showcases and competitive dance. He consistently marked his presence at high-caliber international contests, setting standards with unparalleled performances. His impressive roster of accolades boasts of him being recognized as a three-time National Champion at HHI Canada. Not just stopping there, he was bestowed with the prestigious 'Best Hip Hop Performance' title at The Dance Awards in the glitzy city of Vegas 2022.

Though wrapped in rigorous dance schedules and professional commitments, Xavier remained grounded by engaging with his other passions. His journey, which transitioned from the confines of a conventional 9-5 job to the boundless realm of arts, is a testimony to his unwavering commitment and focused vision.

While dance has been his prime passion, his interest in physical and mental discipline extends to mixed martial arts. He has steadfastly practiced it to channel his energy and hone his skills for years.

Xavier Tu's professional trajectory exemplifies the synergy between tenacity, collaborative endeavors, and a razor-sharp focus. Regardless of the challenges, he remained unyielding in his pursuit of excellence in dance. While scaling new heights, he also played the pivotal role of mentor, guiding budding talents and fostering collaboration in the dog-eat-dog entertainment world.

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